Sunday 8 December 2019


BAY City Roller Stuart Woody Wood has been hailed a hero after rescuing a lost dog that was trapped down a hole for three days.
Stuart and his wife Denise were on holiday in North Berwick when they learned that black Labrador Kruger had gone missing whilst on a walk with his owner.
Stuar,  who was taking a break after a sold out performance in Canada at Casino Rama with his band The Bay City rollers said: “My wife Denise saw online that Krueger had gone missing and she thought that we would be able to find him. She just had a feeling. A search party had already combed the area where he’d run off at the side of the golf course, and had had no luck. We went out at 9am the following morning and made a point of searching every nook and cranny.”
“We were out for just twenty minutes and I couldn’t believe it when I looked over into a very dark corner on waste ground with old buildings around it and saw someone eyes looking up at me from three foot down. Kruger was inside a drain than didn’t appear to have any cover over it  and he was terrified. When dogs are in distress they don’t make a sound and Kruger had been there for two nights. I kept my distance and shouted out that I had found him. If we hadn’t found him he would’ve been a goner.”

Kruger’s mum Janette Murray couldn’t believe it when the eleven year old family pet was found. 
She said: “It was so stressful. It had been nearly three days and we were so close to him and it was heartbreaking because he didn’t make a noise. I’d had him out for a teatime walk and he was running behind me. It was still daylight on the golf course but I turned round and he had just disappeared. All the neighbours and their kids went out with dog biscuits and walked the golf course and beyond to find him. I’d called the drone rescue people in Perthshire and they were about to send out a drone to try to detect his body heat. We thought he wouldn’t be far from where he wandered and we couldn’t believe it when he was found by Woody in the old council yard. There was broken fencing all round and a hole there. We’re so happy we got him back and I’m eternally grateful.”
Janette admitted that she had no idea who Stuart initially was. She said “I initially thought he was from a Bay City rollerstribute band and then realised he was an actual Bay City rollers band member. His wife and him were wonderful and helped to get the dog out of the hole. We can’t thank them enough.”
Kruger was wrapped in a thermal blanket and taken to the vets where he was put on a drip. 
He is now happily at home and enjoying all the extra attention from his family.

This story has since appeared in the Daily Record. From Scotland with Love

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