Thursday 5 December 2019


Beverley Lyons
X Men’s James McAvoy got rave reviews for his dress rehearsal of Cyrano de Bergerac - after letting the audience pay with sweeties - and going topless. 
The Hollywood A lister decided to invite people to London's Playhouse theatre ahead of the official opening night to make theatre accessible to everyone. 
He told fans ahead of the show: “We are doing an open dress rehearsal. That means that even though we are rehearsing, Anybody and everybody come can come. That means you can pay whatever you like 1p or 1000p. You can pay in sweets or anything you like really. We’re pretty excited.  It’s pretty unprecedented in the West end.”
As he also gave out Haribo from a box to some of the theatre goers outside in the queue, James said: ”Hope you enjoy the show. This is a dress rehearsal. Be kind.” 
The stage production was stark with few props but the rhyme and performances got thumbs up from the fans ahead of the official previews. 
The fact that James also performed shirtless in just a pair of leather trousers also got rave reviews. 
Paige Oblong Ellìot wrote: “Other plays may be good but are they James McAvoy in leather pants sitting in front of you shirtless with leather pants on? I thought not.”
Abha T was one of the punters who took advantage of the offer and paid £12 for tickets that would normally cost £119. 
She said: “The show was fantastic. The cast was incredible.”
Scottish actor Max McVey also said of the performance: “Amazing performances by all! Had me in tears by the end of it. Fantastic first half. Couldn’t help but laugh. On the edge of my seat the whole time. And such wonderful use of rhyme.” 
Another lucky ticket holder Sylwia added: “The show was outstanding.”
And Mira Vasiliu wrote on Twitter: “Just saw Cyrano de Bergerac  at @ThePlayhouseLDN and now I don’t know what to do with myself. How do you return to your life after seeing something like that?? #cyranodebergerac #JamesMcAvoy #theatre #London.”

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