Friday 31 January 2020


KT Tunstall might have been recording a new album and talking about smashing up TV’s with Suzie Quatro but she says in the future she’d love to become a carpenters and make her own future. 
The Edinburgh born singer who is about to embark on some new tour dates and plays Summer Nights at the Bandstand in August revealed that she’d love to ‘grow a beard, not wear any shoes and get a lot of dogs’ in the future. 
The Black Horse and The Cherry Tree hitmaker laughed: “I’d love to be a jeweller and love to learn carpentry. I’d probably make surround console desks and make stuff for my studio, although don’t sit on any chairs I make. I just like making things. Whatever happens and whoever I am as an old lady I’ll continue making stuff.”
KT moved to LA’s bohemian Venice Beach in 2012 after she ‘woke up and smelled the cheese‘ and filed for divorce just weeks after her dad passed away. 
She was recently in Scotland to perform a series of gigs for Lidl and spent much of her time visiting schools and showing children how to cook. 
She said: “We visited my old school Dundee high school - it was really emotional actually playing for p5 and I did a home economics class for p3 and made them eat veg. The deputy head Rob at Dundee high is the husband of my best friend Ashley Meiklejohn who I’d not seen since I was seventeen or eighteen and her daughter Hannah was there and I was looking at this girl exactly like her and tried not to burst out crying.”
She added: “As I’ve got older I’ve realised how amazing it is connecting with kids and I really enjoyed playing for them. I have definitely, although it sounds a bit saintly, tapped into the fulfilment of what you can give. Community is an important part of our wellbeing. Through your twenties and thirties you are taking and taking and seeing what you can get. In your forties you are seeing what service you can be of to people and it’s really rewarding. I really love being this age.” 
Although she enjoyed working with the primary school children, KT claims she has her eye on a fur baby rather than a human one.  
Having turned forty five this year she explained: “Most of my friends are desperate to have kids and have one G and T and they are weeping about how they have not had babies yet. I’m like that for a mini daschhund. I’m desperate for a dog.  2020 might be my year for my mini doggy. It’ll have to be a tour dog and come in my bag with me, not on a plane. I just think dogs are too good for this world. They are amazing creatures.”
KT is looking forward to releasing her new album with Suzie Quatro with whom she has been writing her new album. 
She admits the singer has taught her some bad habits. 
She smiled: “If I had a devil on my shoulder I’d eat the cookies, drink the whiskey, smash the tv. I’ve never done it. I’ve just finished making an album with Suzie Quatro and she apparently did smash a tv. She is just an absolute legend. She had a biopic movie come out which was really amazing and I sat in her living room and watched it with her. She was the first ever female rock n roller and we really hit it off. I’ve learned a lot. I’m very lucky to find myself opening up on stage for legends.  It’s a masterclass every time you work with these people.”
Excerpts of this article have since appeared in the Scottish Mail on Sunday 
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