Thursday 16 July 2020


JAMES McAvoy and his glamorous partner Lisa Liberati have finally managed to move into a big new house in London following lockdown. 
Glasgow born James and Philly born Lisa jet between London and the States where Lisa also works as a social media manager for a Pennsylvanian estate agent app.
The couple have been in a relationship since 2017 when James met Lisa, then a production assistant, on the set of Split where he held a starring role. 
According to reports,  James who was married to actress Anne Marie Duff, mother to his child Brendan, was in the process of separating from her after an eleven year marriage. 
James spent lockdown with Lisa at his ‘small’ London apartment.
During isolation, James showed off Lisa’s cake and donut making skills on his Insta account.  
He has now revealed that the couple had all their belongings packed up in a spare room in April and have eventually managed to move to a bigger house in London now that lockdown is over. 
He said: “We are in London and it’s all good. We’ve just moved into a nice, slightly bigger house but we were in a tiny flat before. Round about April we built a makeshift studio in my spare bedroom. Our only spare bedroom which was full of moving stuff was rammed and just full of this James made recording studio.”
James and Lisa had were spotted strolling hand in hand and looking at London properties including a £3.5 million house in September last year. 
It is thought that the couple had intended to move around April in conjunction with James birthday celebrations but were held up due to government Covid restrictions. 
James gave a glimpse of his new property‘s high vaulted and embossed ceilings and white walls when he appeared on The Jimmy Fallon show. 

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