Sunday 16 August 2020


Pic from Garbage Twitter header 

GARBAGE singer Shirley Manson claims she’s had depression and anxiety through lockdown in a year that has been a real s***show but is excited about her bands 25th anniversary. 
The Edinburgh born singer also thanked everyone from her fans to her bus drivers, pressing plants and runners for looking after her during the course of her career. 
Shirley who is set to release a new album with Garbage in coming months said of lockdown: “Having the time of my life like everyone else. I really shouldn’t complain, but of course, I do. I read a thing today with Michelle Obama talking about low-grade depression and anxiety, and I’m like, “Well, at least I’m in good company.” 
Shirley reckons the Covid 19 Crisis has been like walking through ‘an endless landscape with no hope and no dreams.’
She added: “There is no form to my day whatsoever. We’re in the middle of mixing a Garbage record, so thank God for that. It’s the only thing keeping us sane. I’m cooking a lot, walking the dog a lot. I’m reading a lot, which has been fantastic. I haven’t read this much since I was in adolescence. So that’s been one of the amazing things, I think, about getting time like this. But it’s hard.“
In a chat with Rolling Stone magazine the singer said she was looking forward to ‘a bright future’ with her band. 
She added: “The sad thing is, we were looking at the most fun year we’ve had in quite some time. We’re restructuring our business and changing the way we release records from the way we have in the last eight years. We have a lot of touring lined up, which of course we can’t carry out. We have a new record being mixed as we speak that’s going to come out next year. We’ve got three more songs to go and then we’re done. And then we’ll concentrate on the artwork and start planning for next year. We were really excited. We were talking with our team this morning, and things are still looking hopeful.” 

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