Thursday 10 September 2020


LOVE Island’s Laura Anderson has split up from her fitness coach boyfriend Tom Brazier after moving back to Scotland.  
Despite initially intending for hunky Tom to join her in Scotland six months into her move it seems their romance is off. 
Stirling born Laura told fans on an Instagram story: “Thankyou for all the DMs asking about Tom and I since I moved up north. Unfortunately it hasn’t worked out between us. In respect of Tom’s privacy I won’t be discussing this further. All my love to him and you all for continued support.”
Laura had originally enthused about her new life in Scotland with Tom who she got together with during lockdown after meeting him in January whilst walking her dog. 
The two even went on holiday to Dubai together and hit the headlines when they were mugged in Barcelona, before Laura also introduced Tom to her family in Scotland. 
She’d enthused about him saying: “ We live in the same complex and we used to stop to say hi when we took our dogs to the park. I needed a new PT so I approached him. Then one night, six weeks into my training, one thing led to another. He had no clue I had been on Love Island.”
Laura who moved to the swish Park Circus area of Glasgow last week said she had fully hoped Tom would join her in her new home. 
She had gushed about Tom being strong and caring saying she’d never met anyone like him before adding: “ I'm still going to move to Scotland and Tom is looking to follow me up in the next six months. He's the cherry on top of the cake."

Now that the romance is off, Laura who previously dated Wes Nelson and Jack Fowler on Love Island as well as Max Morley and Paul Knopps appears to be looking for a new fitness coach. 
She asked fellow Scot and Love Island Star Anton Danyluk if he would train her now she’s back, telling him: “I’m still waiting for you to train me now I’m back FYI. Where’s a good gym?”
Anton said he’d DM her. 

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