Thursday 22 September 2022


ROGUE ONE, the artist behind many of Scotland’s most iconic and photographed public street artworks admitted he’s hidden himself inside many of his famous murals around the city. 

As the first very special guest of CONVERSATIONS AT THE CHIP; a new series of events by Ubiquitous Chip inviting the country’s leading creative figures to share their images, ideas and inspirations, he entertained the audience with tales from the start of his tagging life to where he is right now. 

 The artists whose real name is Bobby McNamara is normally pretty elusive so it was a joy to see him come out of the shadows for the the first CONVERSATIONS AT THE CHIP event at the much-loved Ashton Lane institution. 

Speaking with The Glasgowist’s Paul Trainer, Bobby was right at home as he spoke of his favourite artworks and the perils of working atop a cherry picker. 

 Known for his incredible works across Scotland, including in Glasgow The World's Most Economical Taxi in Mitchell Lane and Crazy Cat Lady on Sauchiehall Street, as well as the staggeringly beautiful montage wrapping The Clutha of figures such as Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Billy Connolly, John Byrne, Paolo Nutini and Sharleen Spiteri, ROGUE ONE also said he has turned down many a request - but asks for permission before he creates any artwork these days. 

His clients now include VisitScotland, Glasgow City Council, housing associations and residential landlords, educational establishments, and numerous private customers.

The event which cost £40 per person included a drinks reception with special X by Glenmorangie cocktails on losing an old fashioned and delicious peach option as well as  three course supper curated by The Brasserie Head Chef, Maccy. 

Guests enjoyed dishes like haggis, salmon and a lemon posset to finish.The Ubiquitous Chip plans several more events over coming months.

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