Sunday 12 March 2023


NEIGHBOURS stars Stefan Dennis and April
Rose Pengilly tucked into Irn Bru and Tunnocks teacakes while Alan Fletcher explored Oran Mor during a trip to Scotland. 
The Neighbours cast visited Glasgow and Edinburgh as part of their Celebration Tour which had initially been organised to mark the end of Neighbours being broadcast in the UK - before it was saved by Amazon. 
And they were on top form as they told of their love of Scotland and mingled with lifelong fans of the show.
The cast, who were staying at the Hilton Glasgow hotel over the weekend, spent most of their time at the city’s Armadillo for meet and greets and the show but some managed to go for a walk in the morning during the cold spell. 

Dr Karl Kennedy, played by Alan Fletcher was accompanied by his wife Jennifer Hansen as he took a stroll in the West end - visiting Oran Mor where he is due perform music from his new album next month. He also visited Bannermans in Edinburgh where he will also tour. 
As he had a drink with his wife at the Glasgow Hilton bar after the show he told the Daily Record: “I can’t wait for you to be Neighbours with me again when the new season starts. I got my first taste of snow here in Glasgow with my wife. We are having the time of our lives thanks to all the wonderful Neighbours fans surrounding us with their love of our show.”
Stefan Dennis who plays Paul Robinson and April Rose Pengilly who is Chloe Brennan on the show tried out some of our Scottish delicacies. 
Stefan, who used to live here with his wife, while starring in River City said it was great to be back in Scotland - his other home. 

As Stefan put on his Weegie accent and told her the correct pronunciation, April pulled a face and said: “So everybody’s been telling me to drink this Irn Bru.  It’s good. It kind of just tastes like fizzy. It’s alright. Now we’re going to try these Tunnocks tea cakes which we actually have in Australia.  I just didn’t know they were a thing. That gets the thumbs up. I like that better than the Irn Bru.” 
April said of her trip to Glasgow that it was ‘more like GlasWOAH’ and that she had had an excellent night. 
She had also visited a chihuahua cafe in Edinburgh and said it was ‘a dream come true.’

Annie Jones who plays plain Jane Harris also admitted her trip to Scotland was the first time she saw snow, commenting: “It’s snow out there - so exciting. It’s the first time I’ve seen it. I did a happy dance.”

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