Saturday 13 May 2023


POST Malone went on walkabout, swapped cigarettes and got excited about a fans car outside a steak restaurant in Glasgow ahead of his SSE Hydro show. 
And the US rapper was relaxed and chatty as he took his time to chat with passers-by outside the Mini Grill restaurant. 
The talent, whose real name is Austin Richard Post, admitted he’d neither tried haggis or porridge on his trip to Scotland, but had thoroughly enjoyed the steak dinner he was served up at the city centre restaurant. 
He said:  “Scotland and the people are amazing and I haven’t had a chance to try haggis or porridge yet but we had an amazing meal at the steak restaurant.”
Petrolhead Post then got excited as he was shown a grey 2022 Cupra Formentor VZ2 TSI 4Drive S-A which was parked outside the restaurant which he later branded ‘beautiful’. He was keen to know who designed it and if it ran in electric or petrol. He said: “This is beautiful. Who designed it. It’s so sick.”
He added: “What’s the price range? The interiors are beautiful too. Does this take gas or electric? Thanks for showing me it.”

Malone has owned around 15 cars throughout his career, including a Bugatti, a pair of McLarens and Lamborghinis each, and three Rolls-Royces which come it at considerably more than a Cupra. 
He did end up selling some of his cars, but his collection is still one of the most unique ones out there  
As he walked away another fan asked if he could swap one of Posts cigarettes for one of of his own and the rapper happily obliged. 
He also waved animatedly to other fans in the busy street who called out his name and told him they loved him.

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