Thursday 25 August 2022


Beverley Lyons 

DION Dublin revealed Celtic bosses made him get rid of his blue Volkswagen Golf and bought him a new car that was more of a neutral colour when he started playing for the Hoops. 
The Homes Under The Hammer presenter was at Edinburgh’s International TV Festival when he spoke of how he played for Celtic as a striker in 2006 after being released by his hometown club Leicester City. 
And he revealed the historic old team rivalry ended up meaning he had to change the colour of his car. 
He exclusively told “I remember signing for Celtic and I remember having a blue Volkswagen Golf turn up at the ground and the hierarchy said ‘You can’t have That!’ So they bought me a silver one. That’s a fact.”
Ex England international Dion who  even better a goal in the 3-0 CIS League Cup final victory over Dunfermline refers to his days living in Glasgow as ‘The super hoops days’.  
Now as a presenter of the property show which looks at buildings across the UK he reveals: “I lived in the Merchant City for about eight months - absolutely love it - it’s a great place. The Scottish are always great to me regardless of the team and I love coming back so thanks for having me. I’ve had lots of good memories.”
Dion who visited Scotland for the Edinburgh TV festival last month also spoke fondly of Sir Alex Ferguson who signed him to Manchester United in 1992 but admitted there were lots of rules he had to abide by under his leadership. 
Dion said: “Alex Ferguson taught me lots of stuff.  One of the main things was never have your hands in your pockets when he’s taking a meeting cause he hates that. Don’t be late, never answer him back.”
He added: “He’ll have a conversation with you, he will listen to you, he’ll take on board all the information and then you’ll do exactly what he wants you to do.”
Dion reckons it helped him with the rest of his life on and off screen. 
He said: “Listen if you do as your told and you do the job that you’ve been asked to do to the best of your ability you’ll go far and then you can start to put your own little stamp on that job as you get better at it. I’m sure the manager or the boss will allow you to do that.”
The footballer who has also spoken at length about the racism he has faced in the past also has new ambitions he’d like to realise. 
He revealed: “I would like to do something in music. I’ll leave that open. Take out the singing. There will be no singing from me. I’ve got a terrible voice. Playing, I play percussion that’s my thing. I love playing percussion. I’d love to present some kind of music show as well so sit tight you never know.”

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This article has since appeared in The Daily Record

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