Sunday 14 January 2024


ANDY Murray has impressed his fans with a new skill set as he showed them that he can complete a Rubik’s cube in a personal best time of one minute and thirty eight seconds. 
The Wimbledon champion who just lost out to showed off his newfound talent in a video whilst he was sitting in a cafe and his moves were shown off proudly by his mum Judy on her Instagram.  
Andy said of his new hobby: “I learned to do the Rubik’s cube since I got to Australia which is a new thing for me this year. 
I learned to complete it.”
He explained: “My daughter got one for Christmas and I thought ‘Oh I should learn how to do it so I can teach her.’ I did that when I got over here. 

“To learn it so I could complete it each time it took probably about three days, not like every minute from when I first started off three days, but yeah three days.”
Andy can be seen muttering to himself as he moves his hands quickly to solve the famous puzzle and slams it down in the table when he is finished. 
Fans were impressed with one saying: “ Is there nothing that you can't do?”
Another added: “That's awesome! And the more he does it the quicker he will become too!”
And a third said: “Even Erno Rubik would be impressed.”
Andy is currently competing at the Australian Open.

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