Sunday 31 December 2023


SUSAN Boyle surprised revellers celebrating the turn of the year when she turned up for an unplanned duet with the Red Hot Chilli Pipers.
The Celtic rockers were playing their regular end of year show at the Alhambra when 
Susan arrived to watch her friend and vocal coach Chris Judge perform.  
The 62 year old who recently told that she had suffered a minor stroke last April was just there to watch the show but after speaking with Chris and the band backstage, she was asked if she might like to join them. 
Chris was about to sing his last song of the first half of the show with the pipers but paused to tell the large crowd they had a star in their midst. 
Chris teased: “The singer that we wanted was not available because our favourite singer comes from Blackburn in West Lothian. 
But tonight she’s not in Blackburn West Lothian. Dunfermline please welcome to the stage our friend Susan Boyle.”
Susan then duetted on the Leonard Cohen song Hallelujah as the audience went wild. 
And after hitting the high notes with Chris she told the crowd to have a happy new year. 
Chris said of the magical moment: “Susan and I had never properly duetted on stage before and it was such a buzz, the smiles say it all. 
She surprised the audience and earned a worthy standing ovation and it was a moment I will cherish forever.”

The rest of the band added on their social media: “What an honour!!! Last night wasn’t only an incredible night with it being the last show of another amazing year for the band, it was also capped off by an extra special moment when the world famous and Scottish national treasure, Susan Boyle joined us on stage to sing a song with her good friend and our singer, Chris Judge. 
“Susan had came along to the gig, and we couldn’t believe that she was willing to give us the honour and privilege of allowing us to share the stage with her. It’s safe to say that the crowd gave her the reception she deserves, and what a memory it was for every single person in the auditorium last night.”
Happy New Year to all of you out there, much love from all of us wherever you are in the word.”
Susan’s impromptu appearance came after she was filmed stealing the show as she appeared on-stage for a singalong with Donny Osmond in Glasgow at the start of December.
The world talent who shot to fame with her rendition of the Les Mis smash hit I Dreamed A Dream on Britain's Got Talent in 2009, appeared alongside the American singer to preform 'This is the moment.' 

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