Wednesday 24 February 2016


PUCKER up cause it's time to see which celebrity has the best lips!!
You might not get a chance to get up that close and personal but you can have some fun at the thought of it... 
According to a new poll This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby has the celebrity lips Brits love.
 The survey asked respondents to pick out the lips they adore from ten celebrity pictures.
 Holly scooped almost a quarter (24%) of the vote with those questioned saying her lips were sultry, sexy and oozed glamour.
 Fashion designer and queen of the pout Victoria Beckham took second place with 17% of people loving her lips, whilst Britain’s Got Talent favourite Amanda Holden came in at third with 15%.
 Out of those questioned, 11% picked out model and TV presenter Kelly Brook’s lips as their favourite.
 Alesha Dixon and Mick Jagger took joint fifth place with nine per cent loving their lips. Respondents said the Rolling Stones’ frontman’s lips were iconic and instantly recognisable.
 Coming in at seventh place was singer Cheryl Cole (six per cent) followed by BGT’s Simon Cowell with four per cent.
 Rounding up the poll in ninth and tenth place were Jessie J and Harry Styles with three and two per cent of the vote respectively.
 One male respondent said: “Holly Willoughby has lips to die for - they’re perfect. The right size and shape for her face. Her TV husband Phillip Schofield is a very lucky man to look at those lips every morning.”
 A female who took part said: “Victoria Beckham always looks perfect and tops off every stunning outfit with her famous pout. It can sometimes make her look a bit miserable, but I’d love to be able to pout with such confidence. Whenever I give it a go I look slightly mad.”
 Another added: “Mick Jagger has the most iconic lips in showbusiness. Admittedly he’s been around for some time but who doesn’t recognise those famous lips?”
 A male respondent commented: “Amanda Holden is just perfect. She always looks so well groomed and her beautiful smile and lips are the icing on the cake. I’d love to kiss them.”

Top ten:
1.      Holly Willoughby         24%
2.      Victoria Beckham       17%
3.      Amanda Holden          15%
4.      Kelly Brook                  11%
5.      Alesha Dixon               9%
5.      Mick Jagger                9%
7.      Cheryl Cole                 6%      
8.      Simon Cowell              4%
9.      Jessie J                         3%      
10.  Harry Styles                 2%

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