Wednesday 24 February 2016


 SCARLETT Johansson has taken time out of the silver screen to do some bed time reading.
 The Avengers star decided to curl up with a copy of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland for her latest project with her sister Vanessa Johnson who is also an actress.
The two sisters bring the classic children’s story to life for Audible, allowing anyone who snaps it up to go to sleep to the sound of her voice.
Scarlett said:  “Having grown up loving the story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and reading many books aloud with Vanessa, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to share my love for Alice with an audience. I hope that this recording is enjoyed by not only those who are existing fans of the material, but also by new and curious readers, who may just be discovering Carroll’s work for the first time.”

Vanessa added: “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is such a deliciously whimsical and curious story. We had such a blast dialoguing during the recording process, thinking about the characters, and creating an audio world for this book. I hope the joy that we experienced together comes across to listeners.”

Rosamund Pike, Dan Stevens, James Franco, Jesse Eisenberg, Jake Gyllenhaal, Kate Winslet and Tim Robbins have read similarly for Audible, the world’s largest seller and producer of downloadable audiobooks and other spoken-word content.

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