Tuesday 7 June 2016


Maria Callas kicked off Coldplay's biggest gig in Scotland yet and we knew were in for a night of classics.
Classic partying.
For a band that is often misrepresented as being boring and bland, Chris showed his sold out crowd at Glasgow's Hampden Stadium that he has more charisma in his little pinkie than his detractors.
A Head Full of Dreams, the title track of the tour came before anthemic Yellow which got the crowd singing along.

Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall gave them more of the same and Paradise proved to be a full on party track which even had Chris dancing along the runway.
A touching tribute to Muhammud Ali came with a moving video of the Greatest man himself and later in the set Chris paid tribute to David Bowie with his own rendition of Heroes.

The crowd was warmed up and then we all exploded with joy along with the confetti cannons as we went into true party mode on the A stage with a run of the biggies Clocks, Hymn For The Weekend, Viva La Vida and Adventure For A Lifetime.

Giant bouncing balls were thrown about the stadium as everyone jumped up and down with glee like excited teenagers at their first school dance.
And then Chris and co disappeared off the stage only to reappear on an even smaller stage towards the back of the stadium giving seated guests an even better view.

He sang Amazing Grace before giving one lucky Scots fan a song she requested on Instagram.
The canons boomed, the confetti fell, the pyros blazed, the lasers blasted and Hampden was filled with love.
A sea of neon armbands waved for Up and Up, bathing the stadium in a rainbow and it was the perfect end to a brilliant day.

- From Scotland with love from theshowbizlion.com

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