Tuesday 7 June 2016


HAVE you seen a ghost at Silverburn?
Shoppers at the Scots shopping centre in Glasgow have been left terrified, after spotting a ghostly figure floating through the nine-year-old Pollok building.
The apparition, said to be of a woman dressed in all black period clothing, has left Silverburn staff baffled, as it is the fourth sighting to be reported in as many weeks. Silverburn Management have since taken the unusual step of calling in paranormal experts, Glasgow Paranormal Investigations, to help establish the cause of the sightings.
A spokesperson from Silverburn commented: "We are aware that a shadowy woman has been spotted around the centre and we are taking the sightings extremely seriously. We have reached out to local experts in the field of paranormal activity, who will hopefully be able to shed some light on the matter."
One shopper who wishes to remain anonymous commented, "We were waiting on our friend coming out of one of the shops, when out of the corner of my eye I saw this dark figure down the corridor, almost hovering – it was terrifying."
Silverburn security guard Thomas Chalmers, who also claims to have seen the ghost said: "I had just finished my shift and was leaving the centre bathroom, when I just felt this sudden chill. I didn't think much of it, but as I looked up I saw this shadowy figure disappear down the hall. There is no way that it was human."
A member of Glasgow Paranormal Investigations explained: "It is not uncommon for a spirit to be attached to a site before the present building was constructed. Possibly Silverburn or the construction of the new cinema disturbed it. This can be common in hauntings. The most important thing is to ensure whoever it is, finds a peaceful resting place."
Silverburn opened in 2007, built on the former Pollock shopping centre site. Last year the centre opened a further £20million extension to the building, comprising of a Cineworld cinema and a new restaurant wing. Prior to the recent sightings there have been no official reports of paranormal activity.
Have you seen the ghostly lady? To help in its investigation, Silverburn would like to hear from you. Please contact enquiries@shopsilverburn.com or tell us at theshowbizlion@gmail.com

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